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What is FlipFlip?

Founded in 2017 FlipFlip started as a reseller documenting his journey through Thrift Stores, Amazon, eBay, Supreme, and Sneakers. Soon after FlipFlip opened a private Slack Resell Community for Resellers to discuss BOLO's and tips on how to resell. Eventually it became so big that we started to branch into all new categories & technology like monitoring, stocks, price errors, and new items to research to Flip. 7 years later today we are now the #1 Discord Community sourcing Alpha together with a common goal of saving and making money. With over 10,000 Members strong we have turned a dream to leave the 9 to 5 into a reality with our new $100,000 Club! Signup for our Waitlist to unlock our discord service today!


Exclusive Features

FlipFlip offers the most exclusive & sought after features ensuring that we maximise our members profits!

Price Errors

We offer price errors for all our members to ensure that our members maximise profits and take advantage of glitches and errors to benefit their lifestyle.

Ticket Reselling

We give our members exclusive links to get tickets fast. This will would help you acquire any ticket you want for retail price or you can resell it using our guides for a profit!

Exclusive Features

FlipFlip provides exclusive features that other groups and servers do not offer. Don’t believe us? Come & Join and have your mind blown, you will never need a another group ever again

Amazon & Ebay

Ever wanted to start your own Amazon FBA & Ebay business but don’t know how to start? FlipFlip has many guides and support to help set up your business and find profitable products

Stocks & NFTs

FlipFlip guides on Stocks & NFTs are extremely detailed and expertly written by our team of investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Bot Automation

We provide our own built-in bots and software's to help you cop any sneaker, product or ticket to maximise your profits & revenue

Sneaker Reselling

Our sneaker experts have timely guides with secret lowkey details on stock numbers, site links and steps to follow to make sure that you cop the sneaker you’ve always wanted.

FlipFlip Mobile App

FlipFlip has its own in-house Mobile App that helps our members secure any restock and cop supreme with it’s own built-in bot software


Still Not Convinced? Read our many testimonials from thousands of successful members, our team makes sure you get these results as soon as you join our server!

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How Does It Work?

Submit your Bounty by joining our discord here

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DM our expert team and we will test your method and check how much money this could earn.

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Get Paid out instantly for your Bounty!

Payout Time

Have a money making method? At FlipFlip we pay you to submit your method after we check it’s validity

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Still Not Convinced?

FlipFlip Cards

All of our members in our discord server have their own FlipFlip membership card! We provide all types of 3D Cards like; The Lifetime, The NFT Pass, The Gold Pass & Many More!


Listen To Our Podcast

FlipFlip's Daily Podcast helps our members that don’t have much time to read our daily experiences, we turn them into podcast that you can listen to on the go!

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FlipFlip News

FlipFlip has weekly news and social media posts! Check them out below!

We’ve been securing pairs of these Nike x Tiffany Air Force 1’s the past few weeks in stores, raffles, online, and more. Even the accessories shock dropped last night and are making really good profits. Everything Tiffany collabs from the silver trophies, Super Bowl Jerseys, and more has always done really well for us in profits 🤝💎

Target had a massive price error on these gift cards the last 3 days. (3) $20 were actually giving (3) $60. We had a-lot of fun doing this together and seeing people make $20k-$50k in a day is a awesome feeling 💸🔥🤝

Target had a massive price error on these gift cards the last 3 days. (3) $20 were actually giving (3) $60. We had a-lot of fun doing this together and seeing people make $20k-$50k in a day is a awesome feeling 💸🔥🤝

Target had a massive price error on these gift cards the last 3 days. (3) $20 were actually giving (3) $60. We had a-lot of fun doing this together and seeing people make $20k-$50k in a day is a awesome feeling 💸🔥🤝

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Expert Team can answer any question you have, feel free to text us @ 310-356-9467 or email us and ask us!

How do I Apply for Team FlipFlip?

Go to and fill out this form here. We are currently on a backed up Waitlist due to demand. We will review the best applications of Members wanting to contribute to bring quality into the Discord. We will randomly select applications throughout the month so keep an email on your emails once you apply!

What Information do I get access to in the Discord Group Server?

FlipFlip offers a variety of categories to acquire money all over the internet. There's over 10,000 active Members contributing Bounty's and Leads of information such as Price Errors, Stock Early Information, Sneaker Reselling, Amazon, Lowkey Flips, Discounts, and Freebies & so much more. We also have discounted shipping, Life Hack perks, and guides with a full-time Staff to assist with your resell journey 24/7!

What is a Bounty?

A bounty is when you send us a early lead or information on a potential play to make money. We then review it, post it into our community, and then pay you for this!

How much does the Discord Group cost?

Currently it's $100/Month or $1k/Year. You can cancel at anytime without refund. We are out of stock at the moment but make sure to signup on our Waitlist and look for updates on our Instagram and Twitter for restocks!

How do I receive the Alerts to make Money?

We have Two Discord Servers you will be invited too once accepted. We also have a mobile app you also unlock once you're in the Discord Server!

If I'm new to Reselling and Investing can I join?

Yes absolutely. A lot of our Members were all new at one point, including our Staff. Now we have Fulltime Resellers who are here to give 24/7 support and guidance to succeed!